Big change in my life

今天早上答辩了,基本上Phd了。说基本上是因为,老板还没有签字,他让我接着改thesis,所谓强调自己的贡献,所谓这将是我人生中最most valuable and important document (I doubt it)。他说他这段时间不在,12号再给我签字。anyway,不是一件坏事,显得他比较严格似的。另外一个教授也有点事儿让我干。

经过这么多年的风风雨雨,总算基本上尘埃落定。忆往昔峥嵘岁月稠。我的人生面临重大的变化,以后再没有那么多假期了。我将离开我熟悉的环境和人。毕业之后将北上,9月份中旬开始在纽约州阿尔巴尼附近的GE Global Research工作,也scientist一把。本来3月份的时候还打算回美国了好好复习编程的东西准备找码工的工作,然后稀里糊涂的GE就给offer了,于是懒得再找。




19 Responses to Big change in my life

  1. X说道:

    I think DM has a high expectation of your Hypergraph work. He mentioned couple times in SF.

  2. Yuchi说道:

    Thanks for your congrats. You know what, he always mentions one thing that happened recently — exactly what he can remember. He mentioned the hypergraph in CVPR conference only because he also got the email confirms that I have submitted my revision to TPAMI.

  3. X说道:

    🙂 He has a short memory. He asked me how’s the life in Adobe when we met in SF…BTW: is he around these days? Need to talk with him

  4. Yuchi说道:

    He will be back on 12th only, then disappear again. So I must catch him

  5. Yingxue Joy说道:


  6. borland说道:

    congr Dr. Huang

  7. Yan说道:


  8. Randy说道:

    恭喜奔向新生活的Dr. Huang =)

  9. X说道:

    the third Dr. Huang in our lab. will have the forth one soon 🙂

  10. borland说道:

    the forth one? I only know three guys: Huang,ray Huang yuchi, huang junzhou.

  11. Yuchi说道:

    Huang Xiaolei has graduated in 2006. You were not here at that time

  12. Rucces说道:


  13. Feifei说道:

    Big Con!

  14. Songfeng说道:

    Congratulations ~~~~~~~`

  15. Yuanyuan说道:



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